Announcing the release of our new product catalog

We just released a new product catalog with some well-designed, low-priced products to inspire, inform and make your work life easier.


Every year, we issue a catalog of our products, including new items that we have just added! We set a high priority goal of bringing cool new products into our portfolio to provide our customers an even more well-rounded set of offerings that will enhance our ability to foster passion and enthusiasm for automotive and construction technology, and outdoor adventure.

Click here to download our catalog today and learn more about our product offerings.

You may also request a copy of the catalog in print by sending an email to

We are committed to our goal of providing excellent and quality products, and the highest possible level of service for our customers, including top-of-the-line delivery services, a vast catalog, and knowledgeable staff support every time you order from PODX.

If you have any feedback to share regarding our latest materials, let us know. We look forward to hearing from you.


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