POD-X1 Car Jump Starter and Backup Battery Review

What is POD-X1 Car Jump Starter and Backup Battery Emergency Charger by all about? Does POD-X1 Car Jump Starter and Backup Battery really work?

You MUST Read this honest POD-X1 Car Jump Starter and Backup Battery review.

X1 Silver with Jumpers side angle

Product Name: POD-X1 Car Jump Starter and Backup Battery

POD-X1 Car Jump Starter and Backup Battery Review:

Imagine this for a second. You’ve just returned to your car after camping in the middle of nowhere. You’re exhausted and it’s starting to get dark.The nearest road is a good five miles away.You go to start your car to leave and…nothing. Just the awful click of a dead battery. Even worse the battery on your phone’s dead too, you can’t even call for roadside assistance.Sounds like bad news, right? Not if you have the POD-X1 Emergency Jump Starter and Power Bank.Here POD-X1 Car Jump Starter and Backup Battery is for you.

With the POD-X1 in hand you’ll never need to worry about a dead car or phone battery leaving you stranded again. This tiny hand-held device packs enough juice to jump start 20, 12 volt vehicles in a row. It’ll also charge most USB powered devices multiple times over.

Features Of POD-X1 Car Jump Starter and Backup Battery:

POD-X1 Car Jump Starter and Backup Battery is  an emergency charger device. Take a look at a few of POD-X1’s unique features:

Super lightweight: Only weighs 8 measly ounces

Uses short jumper cables: Say goodbye to long, bulky cables forever

Dependable: Stays charged for 6 months so you can set it and forget it

Plus, it does a whole bunch more. See all of the other cool features right here. Truth is the POD-X1 is one of the most useful pieces of survival gear around; perfect for emergencies, camping, or just around town. And right now you can get the POD-X1 for way below the normal price. Be warned, these prices might not last. Go here to get yours today!

BONUS – When you get two or more we include a FREE survival kit with your purchase. Score a great deal on this “must have” survival tool and see the FREE survival kit by following this link now.

Benefits You Will Get From POD-X1 Car Jump Starter and Backup Battery:

  • Jumpstart Cars & Trucks
  • Charges Your Phone, Tablet, etc
  • Built In LED Flashlight
  • So Small It Fits In Your Pocket
  • Portable Power That Fits In The Palm Of Your Hand

What Exactly POD-X1 Car Jump Starter and Backup Battery Included?

Every POD-X1 includes the smallest jumper cables on the market plus various adaptors. There are several ways you can re-charge the POD-X1 with its included adaptors.

  • Detachable Jumper Cables and Clamps
  • 12V DC Car Cigarette Port Charger
  • 100-240V AC Wall Outlet Charger
  • USB Charging Cable

Positive Aspects:

  • Never worry about getting stranded with a dead car battery or dead cell phone with the POD-X1.
  • Now you can have reliable back-up power with you at all times.
  • Gone are the days of big bulky jumper cables with the POD-X1, the world’s smallest and most convenient automotive jump starter!
  • The POD-X1 is amazing! You can charge your smart phone, tablet or any USB device with it.
  • Jumpstart your car (or someone else who needs your help) up to 20 times. And the POD-X1 will hold a full charge for 6 months so you can charge it, and forget it until it’s needed.
  • One Charge Gives 20 Jump Starts For Your Car
  • Charge an iPhone at Least 4 Times
  • Holds Charge for 6 Months Without Use
  • Full Charging Time: 3 Hours
  • 5V USB Port For Charging Cell Phones, MP3 Players, Tablets, Cameras, GPS Units and More
  • High-Power LED Flashlight Has 3 Functions: Flashlight, Strobe and Coast Guard-Approved S.O.S. Flash Patterns
  • 6 Month money back guarantee no question asked.

Negative Aspects:

  • POD-X1 Car Jump Starter and Backup Battery without internet connection you can’t access it.

Final Conclusion:

POD-X1 Car Jump Starter and Backup Battery,We’ve all been there.It’s cold.You’re holding those long jumper cables in your hands, being careful not to touch the connections.You have a dead car battery and “need a jump”.And it always seems as if the car’s battery positioning is off. So you’ve got to angle the 2 cars so the jumper cable can reach.O’ yes, the “joys” of jump-starting a dead battery.Well, I’ve got good news for you – there is a better, easier way to jump a dead battery! The POD-X1 can jump start your car up to 20 times and does some other fascinating things you’d never expect.


This article first appeared in samrks Home Reviews blog.

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