POD-X (Power on Demand) to Enter PH Electronics industry

Conversions Technology LLC, makers of the POD X (Power on Demand) series of world class mini jump starters, personal power solutions and accessories for professionals and consumers, are proud to announce an exciting major distribution deal with Blade Auto Center and Wilcon Depot Inc.blade_superstore

Highly-regarded as a one-stop-shop for high quality automotive products and services at a low price, Blade has expanded to more than 40 branches and is keen on opening more branches in other areas of the Philippines. Wilcon Depot, a one-stop shop for builders and homemakers, is widely known in the archipelago and has around 35 stores nationwide.

The POD Power on Demand is manufactured by Conversions Technology, an engineering and manufacturing firm based in Southern California, USA. Conversions Technology and its flagship product, POD-X series, has seen the growing demand for automotive power supply in the Philippines, signaling the company’s serious intent to enter the local electronics industry.

The addition of Conversion Technology’s comprehensive range of POD products and the expertise and reputation of the three major stores ensure to offer customers guaranteed high quality products and the best tailored solutions at excellent value.

The POD products includes the PODX series of powerful mini jump starters and jump starter kits, durable POD power banks, Bluetooth speakers, worksite safety lighting, safety gloves and accessories.  

Kevin Williams, Vice President of Conversions Technology says, “We attribute a significant part of our success to providing high quality products and building strong partnerships with industry leaders such as Blade and Wilcon.”

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