What you need to know when choosing a pair of work gloves

When working on an industrial site, wearing safety gloves is a top priority. Understanding of the importance of wearing work gloves on the job and finding a pair that is right for the task at hand is vital in reducing injury.

Below are some key factors to consider when purchasing a pair of work gloves.

Work Hazard

The first step in finding the right work gloves is to identify the need for hand protection. Consider the industry and setting in which you will be working to determine the hazards you may be up against. Evaluating what could cause you harm or what you could cause harm will ultimately determine what kind of glove you’ll need to get the most protection.

For instance, you may need to wear gloves to protect yourself from harmful chemicals. Conversely you may need to wear leather gloves to protect the product your handling from the natural oils on your skin. Other hazards common job-site hazards include cuts or scrapes, viruses or bacteria, extreme temperatures, or electrical currents. Understand the industry and product you’ll be working with before investing in work gloves.

Fit, Agility and Flexibility

It is important to choose a comfortable form-fitting work gloves that allows movement and flexibility. Gloves that are too large could create an obstacle and prevent work from getting done safely. On the other hand, if a glove is too small, this could restrict a worker’s range of motion, again hindering work from getting done.  Gloves with adjustable velcro cuff provide excellent fit.  Poorly fitting gloves can cause the hand to cramp or blister, ultimately impairing a worker from doing their job safely. It is important to measure hands in order to find properly sized gloves.



Depending on the industry, a worker may need gloves with protective coatings to prevent damage from certain elements. POD- X ProTech work gloves has a premium polyurethane palm coating for dexterity and grip to protect your hands while working on cars and other machinery and rubber grip versions, with a high cut resistance, help you get the job done around sharp edges and blades. IT can also protect your hands while working with harsh chemicals because of its impermeable protective coating.

The POD-X ProTech work gloves also features a special hard backing to prevent puncture from things like needles or cutting tools.

Glove with Knife.jpg

Machine washable and extended wear

It is a must to choose a pair of work gloves that absorbs perspiration, is breathable, tough and machine washable.  Pick the gloves that have dense fiber structure which provides consistent quality, superior durability, higher abrasion resistance and greater tear strength than standard synthetic leather gloves.


Depending on the industry and work hazards, choose gloves that protect your hands while you work. Padded knuckles resist impact and abrasion. Padding inserts and dense palm pads eliminate material bunching when using shovels, hammers, saws and other hand tools.

gloves 2.jpg

Recognizing the fact that you need to wear gloves and carefully assessing each of the factors that you need to be protected from will help determine the glove that is right for you. For all of your work glove needs, visit www.thepodx.com.

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